Commercial Anti-Crash Gate

Commercial Anti-Crash Gate

A commercial anti-crash gate is utilized for properties which need to prevent automobiles from breaking through an entry gate and jeopardizing the safety of your employees or property.

Licensed and Certified

Not all companies are licensed and certified to operate gate installations. Bay Area Lions Gate are licensed Bonded, and Insured to operate within Bay Area.

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Bay Area Lions Gate have over 15 years of experience in the business. We became one of the biggest companies in the Bay Area, and making sure our customers are 100% satisfied.

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Bay Area Lions Gate has a great variety of prices that will fit each client budget. Our customer services and satisfaction is beyond everything. We make sure to make our clients dreams come to reality.

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Service Overview

Fortified Impact Gate System (FIGS) is certified by the U.S. Department of State as an active anti-ram vehicle barrier with a K4 rating. Mounted to the gate frame is the fortifying member consisting of structural steel tubing housing one-inch cables. Precast concrete anchors and a cast in place connection beam complete the system. When the gate system is fully closed, the precast anchors are engaged by specially designed locking mechanisms that lock the fortifying member in place. The Fortified Impact Gate System is operated by a gate operator to provide a complete, matched and tested gate and operator system.

Service Details

The best deal on anti-crash gate installation and maintenance

When looking for an automatic anti-crash gate for your commercial or government facility, it is essential it checks all the right boxes. The quality of the materials used shouldn’t just be of the highest quality, but it should possess an undeniable class which would improve the safety of your location. Our automatic gate offers the best features available in the market today will do just that, and more.
We insist on gates made from industry-grade materials designed through excellent craftsmanship. Anything less won’t do.
At Bay Area Lions Gate, we understand that installing and maintaining an automatic gate in peak condition is a lot of stress. That means your automatic gate service provider must be dependable. Our service has established a reputation for providing clients with what they need in record time. Our highly trained and qualified technicians will always reach your property at the stated time. Wielding the best technologies, we’ll quickly get on with the task. In the end, expect to be delighted by the positive outcome you’ve always dreamed of.
The total cost for an automatic gate is determined by various factors, including the type of gate, the chosen material, the dimensions and degree of automation. For you to ensure you get the most value for your money’s worth, it is best to call on our professionals. We will not only advise you on the most suitable option for your situation, but you can also count on correct installations and excellent service. Irrespective of your choice, you’ll enjoy a transparent service and highly competitive rates. No hidden charges!
As your automatic gate installers, our customer support team is always ready to provide you with the needed assistance at any time of the day or night. No wonder property owners who have hired us have no regrets, but rather, they have been impressed with our comprehensive range of excellence-driven services.

The Process


Design-project preparation in accordance with clients requirements


Budget analysis, corrections and approval with the client


The process of construction and renovation according to project


A full walk-through of the project with the client and the architect

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Popular Questions

Can I make changes to the design plans?
Yes, you can make changes to your design plan. We have always allowed our purchasers to customize our plans to meet their needs. However, all changes must be approved by us to ensure that they will meet site and structural requirements.
Can I access my home during construction?
We do our best to keep your home accessible during driveway gate construction however there may be limitations when ground sensors are being installed but we will do our best to work around your schedule in order to limit any inconvenience.
What do I need to bring at the first visit?
If you have any designs or photos of automatic gate styles you like please have examples on hand. Nothing is required however as we can provide various samples of gates we have installed.