automatic gate opener

Automatic Gate Opener

An automatic gate opener is a mechanical part installed in the gate that carries out the task of opening and closing the gate on receipt of a signal. The opener receives signals from a transmitter that can be in the form of an RFID card, a remote, or even a signal from a control room!
Automatic gate openers eliminate the need for a security guard to be present at the gate to allow the entry and exit of people. This is convenient for big corporations and businesses that frequently have people going out and coming in from them.

Automatic Gate Opener On A Sliding Gate
Automatic gate openers are used on sliding gates, which seem to be many people’s preference. Sliding gates take up a lot less space than swinging gates and do not need to swing open and close. They are convenient for large business warehouses that would prefer keeping the space open for other things.
Sliding gates work on tracks. The gate slides on the track to open and close. Sliding gates can also be used on slopes, something that swinging gates cannot be used for.

Automatic Gate Opener on a Swinging Gate
The swinging gate requires a lot more space to swing open and swing closed. This system is more suited for residential properties. Swing gates are more aesthetically appealing.
A swing system wears out more quickly than a sliding gate system and comes in two different styles, Linear and Articulated. The articulated system is designed for heavy usage and is pad mounted. For swinging gates, there is a lot of strain on the doors, so a wooden gate is not recommended as it adds in a lot of weight.

Automatic Dual gates
These are the costly version of automatic gates; however, these are the most preferred version of automatic gates due to their high functionality and low space requirement.

Automatic Gate openers are assessed on their quality by three things, smoothness of operation, quietness, and overall component satisfaction. The electric gate opener and the garage gate opener are very similar in their functionality and design. When you press the button or scan your card, a radio signal is sent to the receiver box, which is placed near the gate. The receiver carries the message to the control box that activates the circuit and inevitably initiates the movement in the gate opener’s arm.

Methods to open the driveway gates
• Remote Entry
• Card Entry
• Code Entry
• Proximity Entry
• Telephone entry

There are a variety of different ways through which you can open the gate. It is best to employ a competent service contractor like Bay Area to look at your gate and help you find the best automatic gate opener that fits your needs.

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