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Automatic gates have changed the way we protect our houses and facilities in the 21st century. Gone are the days when we used manual gates and other security systems for the protection of our property. Automatic gate, coupled with entry system intercoms and automated gate opener, is now becoming as important as any other technology we own. This is why Bay Area Lions Gate, an automatic gate company in Hayward, brings you the best automatic gate repair services and everything with it at competitive pricing with unmatched high-quality products.

Before we begin talking about the services in detail, here are some of the products and services we offer:

• Installation of gate openers for all kinds of gates; sliding, barrier, and swinging

• Installation and repair of defects in the automatic gates; broken heavy-duty hinges, rollers and so on

• Installation and repair of all kinds of entry systems – intercom

• Installation of power back-ups for the automatic gate openers

• Steel and iron components for the automatic gates

• Other security systems like CCTV cameras

We are one of the leading companies in this industry, and we do not compromise on quality. We make sure that our clients get the best possible service along with the highest quality products. The brands for automatic gates that we work with are:

• Ramset

• All-o-Matic

• Eagle

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24/7 Emergency Gate Openers Repair service in the Bay Area. Fast & Affordable, 100% client satisfaction.
When considering the safety of your home or business, you may install different features, security systems, or custom security measure to provide needed safety. Moreover, the level of security is a major concern.
Therefore, before settling on a particular gate security feature or system, you have to make the right choice. For this reason, Driveway gates in Bay Area are a common feature that provides an added layer of security, as well as the aesthetic appeal to your home. Nonetheless, driveway gates keep unwanted people away from your residence.
While providing the expected security to family members. Moreover, they can also be used as a barrier to entry to your property, requiring the visitor to alert you before entering.

What Services We Offer

Gate Motor Service

Automatic Gate Repair Service in Hayward

Our skilled technicians can fix anything for you; ranging from the electric gate openers, electric gate motor, the hinges and even the wheels at the bottom of your automatic gate. You name it; we fix it! Many things can go wrong with an automatic gate, give us a ring to service the hardware attached to your automatic gate, or the electric gate itself.

Driveway Gate Opener Service in Hayward

Whether you want an automatic driveway gate opener for your house or any other facility; it is a significant investment that saves you time and effort. With driveway gate openers, you no longer have to go through the hassle of getting out of your vehicle every time to open and close the gates. We supply and install gate openers of the following brands:
  • Multicode
  • Linear
  • Viking
  • Reno
  • Ramset
  • FAAC
And many more. We can also replace, or repair your gate opener whenever you want.
Electric Gates For Driveways
Wrought Iron Fence

Automatic Gate Installation and Repair Services

Our automatic gates and gate openers are not just limited to driveways. We can install them wherever you want; whether you want it on your garage door or anywhere else. We can replace your old gate with a new, better functioning automatic gate. Along with electric gate repair, we also provide new installations to improve your experience. The installations include:
  • Exit loop installation
  • Safety gate sensor
  • Gate motor
  Apart from installation, we also offer to service these parts, along with repairing broken hinges, iron welding, post, gate tracks, gate wheels, and gate springs.  

Iron Wrought Services and Custom Made Gates in Hayward

Our Fence Contractors in Hayward provide wrought iron services for all purposes like railings, pipe corrals, and security doors. Our contractors will work along with you to ensure that all of your instructions are met. In addition to that, we also offer custom made gates. Our fence contractors specialize in custom made gates. Just tell us what automatic gate you want, its specifications like height, size, colour and what type of gate you want; whether it’s swinging, sliding or barrier arms gate; we will install it!
automatic gate repair
Wrought Iron Fence

Entry system – Intercom Services in Hayward

We specialize in installing the best entry system security intercoms; we can install telephone, screen and keypad and just microphone intercoms.
So, call us today; we are available 24/7, and we will be at your doorstep to provide you with our automatic gate repair services.

We Provide The Best Process Experience

Bay Area Lions Gate is a automatic gate installation and repair company in California. Over the years, Bay Area Lions Gate has honed their exclusively in-depth knowledge and skills for professional service. Moreover, all our technicians have licenses and certifications to operate over and beyond Bay Area, CA. Thus, you can be certain that the level of service that we offer is commendable. Therefore, Reach out to us for the best service, and about any other service along gate repair, maintenance and Installation

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