Electric Automatic Gate Maintenance

Electric Automatic Gate Maintenance – Like all other gates, your automatic gate will require maintenance from time to time. Your gate will look best if it is frequently washed and occasionally given a wax coating.

Automatic Gate Maintenance

We at Bay Areas Lion Gate have a reputation for being the best gate contractor. We recommend Automatic Gate maintenance every two to three months. Every three months, you should conduct a visual inspection of your gate and the automatic gear. Since a lot of electronic gear attracts pests and this can cause some parts to stop functioning and require replacement.
All the moving parts of your component will have lubricants, but after a while, the oils start thinning. Therefore, an inspection of all the chains, hinges and gears is important. If you want to lubricate your motor and feel that the lubricant level is going low, you can easily purchase machine oil from any nearby super market or mart.

Inspecting a gate opener and control boxes

Over time some parts of the motor become frayed and loosen up. The chain will need to be replaced, but the nuts and bolts can be tightened by yourself. In some instances, rats will eat up the wiring. Therefore, you must keep an eye out for worn down wiring so you can replace them before any mishap occurs.
Typically, good quality circuit breakers will have protective layers over their wiring to protect them from intrusions against pests, but an annual checkup is still recommended because no circuit breaker lasts forever if left to the mercy of pests.
Identifying problems with your gate early on can help you avoid paying hefty repair and damage costs in the future. Problems, if dealt with while small, will save you from the future hassle.

Keep your automation system up to speed

The automatic gate maintenance of a system depends on the quality of the automatic gate opener you’ve gotten installed.
If you’ve got a higher-end system installed, maintenance costs will be lower as compared to a low-quality system. A high-quality system is installed with sealed bearings, Maintenance-free hinges on swing gates, and sealed bearing maintenance-free wheels on side gates.
A low-quality system will require more frequent maintenance and repair than a high quality system.
At the end of the day, the decision on which type of a system you would want to use is solely yours, and it boils down to the time you can give to the maintenance and repair. If you’re an individual that does not have a lot of time, then a high-end system is better suited for you.
We at Bay Area specialize in gate repair and Automatic Gate maintenance within our area. If you live at Bays Area, please let us assist you in all your gate related queries.

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