How Much Does A Fence Installation Cost?

This is the question everyone is dying to know. The real answer is, it all depends. Depending on the kind of material you use, the height and length of your fence or gate project, the terrain and who you hire. Fence Installation Cost more than you think. Geoff Williams, a contributor to U.S. News suggests project of Fence Installation cost as high as $20,000. But before you have a heart attack let’s remember that pricing varies nationwide.

In the San Francisco area, costs tend to be higher per linear footage due to cost of living. However lot sizes are typically smaller than in most rural areas and have less linear footage to cover. So it’s safe to say pricing pricing can fluctuate.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link Fence Installation Cost is $20.00 – $35.00 (PER LINEAR FOOT)
Keep in mind, chain link fencing in Los Angeles comes in different forms. Galvanized and Vinyl Coated. There are other add ons, such as barbed wire, privacy slats and windscreens that can increase the overall price.

Wood Fencing

Wood Fence Installation Cost is $40.00 – $65.00 (PER LINEAR FOOT)
Wood fences also come in many styles, patterns and designs that can add to the price of your project. Horizontal fencing is very popular and comes with a higher price tag due to the extra time and labor it takes to install.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fence Installation Cost is $40.00 – $65.00 (PER LINEAR FOOT)
Not all vinyl fencing is created equal. Be sure to ask for the manufacture of the Vinyl prior to installation. Ask to if the Vinyl has any warrantee. Vinyl has a way of looking all the same so be sure to do your homework.

Wrought Iron Fencing

 Wrought Iron Fence Installation Cost is $45.00 – $60.00 (PER LINEAR FOOT)
Wrought Iron or Steel Fencing is a long lasting material that typically comes in square tubing with smaller vertical pickets between each post. Wrought Iron gives buyers a long lasting, durable
fence that also provides security. Wrought Iron Fences are perfect for commercial businesses looking
to add protection to their property.

*Prices can vary based on project scope.

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