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How Secure is Your Electric Gate Opener from Intruders and Hackers?

Electric gates are becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses across the globe. They offer a range of benefits, from added security to convenience, and are an attractive addition to any property. However, there is growing concern among owners about how secure their gate openers are from intruders and hackers. In this article, we will explore the various security risks associated with electric gate openers and offer advice on how to protect your property.

The Risks of Intruders

One of the main reasons people invest in electric gates is for added security. Unfortunately, electric gates are not immune to intruders. In fact, they can be targeted by criminals who are looking for an easy way to gain access to your property. There are several ways intruders can penetrate your electric gate system:

1. Simple Penetration: The simplest way for intruders to gain entry is to climb over your electric gate or slip through it when it is in motion. This can be easily achieved if your gate is easy to climb or if it takes a while to open and close.

2. Hacking the Control System: If an intruder is tech-savvy, they could try to hack your gate’s control system. This can be done by intercepting the signals sent between the remote control and the gate. They can then use this information to open the gate themselves.

3. Neutralization of the Motor: An intruder who knows how electric gates work may be able to disconnect or short circuit the motor that operates the gate. This would render the gate unusable and enable the intruder to enter.

The Risks of Hackers

Another growing concern for electric gate owners is the risk of hacking. Modern electric gates operate on a radio frequency that is beamed to your remote control to trigger the gate’s opening and closing. This system can be open to hacking, especially if the frequency used is not securely encrypted. The risks associated with hacking include:

1. Remote Control Signal Interception: Hackers with signal interceptors can easily capture a signal sent to an electric gate’s receiver from a remote control. They can then clone the signal and use it to open the gate whenever they wish.

2. Malware Deployment: If a gate control system is connected to a network, it can be vulnerable to malware attacks. Once a hacker has deployed malware, they can control the gate remotely and gain access to your property.

3. Brute Force Attacks: This involves using software that systematically and relentlessly attempts to guess the code used to control a gate.

How to Secure Your Electric Gate Opener

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to secure your electric gate opener from intruders and hackers:

1. Use an Encrypted Signal: Ensure that your electric gates are operating on an encrypted signal that hackers cannot easily break. Use trusted encryption standards and if possible, use two-way authentication.

2. Use a Strong Password: If your gate control software has a password system, ensure that you use a complex and secure password. Make sure that you do not share this password with anyone else.

3. Change Default Settings: Change your system’s default settings from manufacturer’s standards. This is because these are usually easy to guess and therefore, easily hackable.

4. Keep Your Gate Remote Safe: Treat your gate remote as you would any other valuable item. Do not leave it in clear view of passersby or hide it insecurely. Keep it in a safe and secure place to prevent it from being stolen.

5. Regular System Upgrades: Regularly update your electric gate system’s software and firmware to keep it up to date and secure. This will ensure that your system remains protected from the latest hacking attacks.


1. Do electric gates come with built-in security features?
Yes, most modern electric gates come with a range of built-in security features, including password protection and encryption.

2. Can intruders easily climb over electric gates?
This depends on the design of your electric gate. However, most electric gates are designed to be difficult to climb, and often have additional security features such as spikes or fencing.

3. Can electric gate motors be disconnected?
Yes, if a person knows how electric gates work, they may be able to disconnect or short circuit the motor. This would render the gate unusable and enable the intruder to enter.

4. Can my electric gate opener be hacked?
Yes, if your electric gate opener is not secure, it can be hacked. This includes the signal sent between your remote control and the gate, as well as any software used to control your gate.

5. How can I secure my electric gate opener?
There are several steps you can take to secure your electric gate opener, including using encrypted signals, a strong password, keeping your gate remote safe, and regularly upgrading your system’s software and firmware.


Electric gates are a popular addition to many homes and businesses around the world. However, they are not immune to intruders or hackers. It is essential to implement the above-mentioned security measures to protect yourself and your property from these risks. With the right security in place, you can rest assured that your electric gate is secure and that your property is well protected.

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