How to Troubleshoot an Automatic Gate That’s Not Working

Having an automatic gate is a great way to add security and convenience to your property. However, if your gate isn’t working properly, it can be frustrating and leave you feeling vulnerable. There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your gate and get it working again. In this article, we will discuss how to troubleshoot an automatic gate that’s not working and provide some frequently asked questions about gate troubleshooting.

Step 1: Check the power source

The first thing you should do when your automatic gate is not working is to check the power source. Ensure that the gate’s power source is turned on and there’s no power outage in your area. If the gate is controlled by a remote or keypad, ensure the batteries are not dead. If the power source is a transformer, check the fuse and wires for any damage.

Step 2: Examine the opener system

If the power source is okay, the next step is to examine the opener system. Check for any signs of damage such as frayed wires, loose connections or disconnected wires. Ensure that the opener is receiving the correct voltage.

Step 3: Check the remote

If your automatic gate operates with a remote, checking whether it is working is also vital. Check if the remote battery needs replacing and whether the remote is compatible with the gate. You should also ensure that the remote signal is reaching the gate within the expected range.

Step 4: Inspect the gate’s motor

If the problem persists, it’s time to inspect the gate’s motor. This is the most critical part of your automatic gate. Check if there is any blockage preventing the motor from operating. Loose screws, nuts, and bolts can also cause the motor to stop working. You should also examine the motor’s wiring for any signs of wear and tear or corrosion.

Step 5: Look out for any faults in the gate’s tracks and wheels

The gate’s tracks and wheels are also critical when it comes to the proper functioning of the gate. Check if there is any debris on the track, any bends spoiling the track, or lack of lubrication causing frictions. If you identify any faults on the track, clean it properly, and ensure it’s in the right alignment.

Step 6: Reset the automatic gate’s controls

If none of the above steps help, try resetting the automatic gate’s controls. Turn off the gate’s power source for several seconds and then switch it on again. This can reset the gate and get it functioning correctly.

Frequently asked questions about solving automatic gate problems

Q1. What should I do if the gate doesn’t work even after following the above troubleshooting steps?

If none of the above steps solves the problem, consult a professional gate technician. There could be an underlying issue that requires a skilled eye.

Q2. Why does my remote not open the gate even after changing its batteries?

If your remote still doesn’t open the gate, ensure that the gate is working correctly by using your keypad or switching the gate from the primary control system. If the gate works fine, the problem could be the batteries or the remote itself. Try changing the remote’s batteries and ensure that you bought the correct replacement for the remote.

Q3. My automatic gate opens but doesn’t close – what’s the problem?

Ensure that the gate’s motor and tracks are functioning correctly. Check if there are any obstructions preventing the gate from closing. Also, see if the gate’s sensors are working correctly. If the sensor detects an object in the gate’s path, it will prevent the gate from closing to avoid accidents.

Q4. What should I do if the gate motor’s gears make noise and move but the gate doesn’t open or close?

If your motor is making noise but not operating as expected, a broken gear in the motor could be the issue. A skilled technician can fix or replace the damaged gears. It’s advisable to consult a reputable technician for safety reasons.


Having an automatic gate is always an excellent investment for your property safety and convenience. Performing regular upkeep of the gate`s system ensures that the gate operates optimally. In case of any issues, apply the above troubleshooting steps, and if they don’t work, never hesitate to involve a professional technician. Remember, safety comes first, and the most important thing is to keep people and pets safe from harm or accidents due to the gate`s malfunction.

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