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Is an Automatic Gate Right for Your Commercial Property?

Commercial properties require adequate security measures to protect investment, assets, personnel, and clients. One of the most viable options is the installation of automatic gates. An automatic gate provides an efficient and convenient way of monitoring who enters and exits the property. It allows for better navigation and safety control throughout the facility. However, is an automatic gate the right solution for your commercial property? This article explores the benefits and considerations of installing an automatic gate, types of gates available, and frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Installing Automatic Gates on Commercial Property

Increased Security

An automatic gate is an effective way of controlling who accesses your facility. With automatic gates, an access control system is installed that enables only authorized persons to enter the property. It keeps unwanted visitors out, which reduces burglaries and thefts. Additionally, automatic gates usually come with backup systems, such as keypads, remote controls, biometric identification, or proximity card readers that can operate in case of power outages or emergency situations.

Improved Efficiency

With a manual gate, visitors have to wait at the entrance while someone unlocks and opens the gate. This can be frustrating for both visitors and staff. Automatic gates reduce waiting time and allow visitors to access the property faster. Moreover, automatic gates can also be programmed to open and close at specific times, which reduces the possibility of staff forgetting to close the gate.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Automatic gates come in various designs and can be customized for your commercial property. They offer an elegant look while maintaining a secure perimeter. The design can match the architectural style of the property, which increases the value of the facility.

Increased Property Value

An automatic gate increases the property value since it is a unique and desirable feature for commercial properties. A commercial property with an automatic gate is an attracting point for potential investors or tenants, especially if the location is a high-risk area.

Considerations Before Installing an Automatic Gate on Commercial Property


The cost of installing an automatic gate on your commercial property depends on several factors such as the size, material, gate design, access control system, and installation process. Before installing an automatic gate, you must evaluate the total cost of installation, maintenance, electrical wiring, and gate repairs. However, some of these expenses can be offset by the benefits of increased security, improved efficiency, and property value.


An automatic gate requires regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition, enhance its lifespan, and minimize repair costs. The maintenance task includes cleaning, lubrication, adjusting gate tracks, replacing worn-out parts and repairing the gate opener system. Hence, before installing an automatic gate, ensure that you have a maintenance plan in place.

Power Supply

An automatic gate requires an electrical power source to function. The power source should be uninterrupted, reliable, and adequate to match the gate’s requirements. Therefore, before installing an automatic gate, consult an electrician to evaluate your commercial property’s electrical specifications, check if the existing electrical structure can support the gate’s power demand, and determine if there are alternative sources of power.

Types of Automatic Gates Available for Commercial Property

Slide Gate

A slide gate is a type of automatic gate that has a horizontal gate panel that slides open and shut along the length of the fence. A slide gate is ideal for commercial properties with limited space for the gate to swing open.

Swing Gate

A swing gate is a traditional automatic gate that pivots on hinges, allowing the gate to swing open and shut like a regular door. It is suitable for property with ample space and a wider entryway.

Vertical Lift Gate

A vertical lift gate is ideal for commercial properties with limited space. The gate panel is lifted vertically, similar to an overhead garage door. The vertical lift gate can be installed with a backup system, which ensures continuous operation during a power outage.


1. Can I install an automatic gate on a slope or uneven ground?

Yes, the installation of the automatic gate includes leveling the ground and, if necessary, customizing the gate to fit the specific requirements of the slope.

2. Can automatic gates be opened manually?

Yes, automatic gates can be opened manually in case of a power outage or emergency situations. Most automatic gates come with a manual release that disengages the automatic opening mechanism and allows the gate to be pushed open or closed manually.

3. Can the automatic gate be customized to match my property’s architectural design?

Yes, automatic gates can be customized to match the architectural style of the commercial property. The gate design includes materials, color, gate panel style, and any added features such as logos, signs, or lights.

4. Is an automatic gate suitable for every commercial property?

An automatic gate may not be suitable for every commercial property due to the high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. However, the benefits of increased security, improved efficiency, and property value justify the cost of installation and maintenance in high-risk areas.


An automatic gate is an excellent way to improve security, enhance efficiency, aesthetics, and increase property value on commercial properties. It provides an effective way of monitoring who enters and exits the facility and reduces the possibility of theft and burglaries. However, before installing an automatic gate, ensure you consider the total cost of installation, maintenance, and power supply requirements. By evaluating these considerations, you can determine if an automatic gate is the right solution for your commercial property.

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