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Planning to Buy an Electric Driveway Gate

Electric Driveway Gate – Everyone’s dream is to have a beautiful house with a long driveway, and if you’re someone that loves technology as much as we do, then you would love to incorporate electric Driveway gate into your home.

Electric Driveway gate give the user a posh feeling and set up a great impression on your guests! Whether you’re looking towards installing an automatic gate for your home or business. Rest assured that automated gates are an excellent investment.

However, an automatic gate is an investment. Automatic electric driveway gate cost a lot and require periodic maintenance and repairs depending on the types of machinery you opt for. This investment is a good one nevertheless and will continue to serve you for years to come.

The Theme

A driveway gate should complement the setup and the theme of its’ surroundings. For domestic use swinging and rolling gates are popular because of their aesthetic appeal. For industries, automatic roll-up gates are the most preferred form. There are loads of ideas available online through which you can take inspiration on the type of gate you would want.
Automatic gates can be a great addition to your home/ workplace and can help you bring up the market value of your place.

The Electric Driveway Gate Material

There are plenty of options to choose from wood, aluminum, and wrought iron gates are very popular. Wood is preferred because of its sturdiness and aesthetic appeal in residencies. However, steel options with rails for visibility are also preferred for domestic setups since steel is stronger than wood. Aluminum is a lightweight and cheaper alternative than steel; however, it is easily breakable, so it is less secure.

For corporations, buildings, and warehouses, steel or rod iron gates are more preferred because of their industrial look, their affordability, and convenience.

What automation should you use

There are a lot of different options on the security system that you can install with your gate. You can now easily install a motor that opens and closes the gate for you instead of you getting up to do it every time you have to enter or leave your house or office.

Your gate can be operated remotely via a remote, an access card, or a keypad with changeable codes. The ways through which you can operate your gate are easily customizable, and it is best to opt for an option that best suits your needs and preferences. For some people swiping a card may be the most preferred option, whereas for someone else, a complicated code might be their preference.

We at Bay Area Lions Gate specialize in automatic gate installation, repair, and maintenance. We are just one scheduled appointment away! Visit our site for more information regarding our services!

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    Need a 20’ driveway gate

  2. Chris Pederson

    I like the idea of having your driveway gate complement the design and set up of your home. If it looks different then it would clash with your home. This could lower your home’s value if it looked really bad.

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