Sausalito: The Hidden Gem of the Bay Area

Sausalito, located in Marin County, California, is a hidden gem that offers a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city features an eclectic variety of culture, art, and architecture, attracting visitors and residents alike.

However, when it comes to property ownership in Sausalito, there are specific fence requirements that residents must adhere to. Understanding these requirements is essential to ensure that your fence meets the regulations set forth by the city.

This article will outline the fence requirements for the city of Sausalito, as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions about fence installation in the city.

Fence Requirements in Sausalito

Before you start constructing any fence in Sausalito, you need to ensure that you are meeting the city’s fence requirements. Sausalito city’s fencing ordinance is in compliance with the surrounding regional ordinances to ensure safety and aesthetic appeal.

Fence Height

The height of fences is regulated in Sausalito to maintain safety and privacy. The maximum height allowed for front yard fences is 42 inches, while the maximum height for backyard fences is 72 inches.

For front yard fences, the preference is for fencing to be no more than 36 inches in height. The city encouraged the use of low fences to improve street visibility and maintain the city’s charm and openness.

Fence Materials

Sausalito city’s fencing ordinance mandates that fences must be constructed using suitable materials that complement the surrounding environment. Acceptable materials for fencing may include wood, wrought iron, chain-link, or vinyl. However, all materials must be of good quality and in great condition, save for natural materials like hedgerows or stone walls.

Fence Design

Sausalito city’s fencing ordinance guarantees the astute visual integrity of the city through compelling design concepts upheld by the Sausalito City Council.

Fencing materials may have architectural design features, so long as they do not surpass the height limit. Any fence’s fence design or color should be consistent with the environment and complement the building’s general style or landscape.

Fence Setback

In the City of Sausalito, all fences require a set back from sidewalks or streets. According to Sausalito city’s fencing ordinance, fences should be at least 1 foot away from sidewalks, 3 feet from public utility poles, and 6 feet from street corners to minimize the obstruction of sightlines and promote safety on the roads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I need a permit to install a fence in Sausalito?
Yes, residents require a permit to install a fence in Sausalito. Applicants are expected to visit the community development department to obtain a permit or apply online through the Marin Electronic Permitting System (MEPS).

2. What is the maximum height for fences in Sausalito?
The maximum height allowed for front yard fences is 42 inches, while the maximum height for backyard fences is 72 inches in Sausalito.

3. Can I install barbed wire or electric fence in Sausalito?
No, barbed wire fencing or electric fencing is prohibited in Sausalito due to safety concerns.

4. How close to the sidewalk can my fence be in Sausalito?
Sausalito City mandates a 1-foot set back from the sidewalk. This is to provide visibility and reduce safety risk.

5. Can I paint my fence a bright color?
Yes, you can paint your fence as long as the color choice complements the surroundings.


As a resident or property owner in Sausalito, it’s essential to keep in mind the city’s fencing ordinance when installing a fence. The city is keen on maintaining a high standard of architectural design and safety measures in the community.

By understanding the requirements of fence height, materials, design, and set back, you can be confident that your fence installation will meet Sausalito city’s regulations. With adherence to these guidelines, you can install a fence that improves your privacy while complementing the surrounding environment.

Should you require an exemption in any of the city’s fencing requirements, you can contact the community development department to discuss your options further.

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