sliding automatic gate

Sliding Automatic Gates

Sliding Automatic Gates – A sliding gate is one of the most common forms of gates. They are generally preferred because they use up less space, which means that that space can be used for parking your cars.
There are many varieties in Sliding gates or sliding Automatic gates, but the overall function remains the same. Listed below are a few popular types.

Rolling Sliding gates

These gates have wheels connected to them that help them move more smoothly and soundlessly. This form of a barrier has no track below it which means that your gate can move a little sideways too (not a lot). This feature allows you to customize the gate according to your requirements.

V track sliding gates

Similar to the Rolling sliding gates V-track sliding gates also have wheels connected to them. In addition, they also have a track on which the gate runs.
This track is designed for places where it doesn’t often snow because in places where it snows, this track would not be ideal as snow would cover the track, and this will cause problems in opening and closing the gate.
This type of gate also requires maintenance, to ensure that your gate keeps functioning properly, periodic cleaning of the tracks is essential because often debris gets stuck in the track.

Telescopic Sliding Gate

The telescopic sliding automatic gates works much similar to a telescope. It is very unique and designed for places with especially constricted areas.
The gate is made in the form of panels, and that the system does is that it stacks the panels together while opening the gate and spreads those panels out while opening the gate.

Cantilever sliding gate

If you’re in an area that snows, then this gate is ideal for you! This gate has no contact with the ground, which makes it easy to open in the case of snow. This gate is also soundless so if you prefer a gate that opens and closes silently and smoothly, then this gate is the perfect pick for you.

Surfing the web will open to you many different types and styles of sliding gates. However, before installing any gate, it is best to talk to a professional service to avoid any mishaps or oversights as professionals are more equipped in providing first-hand information regarding the gate that will best suit your needs and preferences.

If you’re considering getting a sliding gate at your home/office, please look into Bay Area Lions Gates, and we assure you that we will have the perfect fit for you. Bay Area also offers you repair and maintenance services and even warranties on our products.

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