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The Benefits of Regular Automatic Gate Servicing

As a homeowner, you invest a considerable amount of time, money, and effort to maintain the safety and security of your property. One component that often goes overlooked, though, is the automatic gate. While automatic gates provide a significant amount of convenience, they also require upkeep and regular servicing to ensure they continue operating optimally. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of regular automatic gate servicing, and what you need to know.

Benefits of Regular Automatic Gate Servicing

1. Prolongs Your Gate’s Lifespan

Just like any other piece of equipment or machinery, automatic gates require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good working condition. Regular servicing helps prevent damage and ensures that they operate efficiently. By staying on top of maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your automatic gate.

2. Reducing Costly Repairs

Regular automatic gate servicing also helps identify and address potential problems before they escalate, so they don’t become costly repairs. Maintenance professionals can identify rust, corrosion, or other damages that can threaten the overall operation and structure of your gate.

3. Improving Gate Security

Maintaining your automatic gate, including its locks, sensors, and other internal components, is essential to ensure it remains secure. By keeping your gate serviced and in good condition, you reduce the potential for security breaches and unwanted entry. Automatic gates that receive regular servicing are more reliable and secure when it comes to critical situations or emergencies.

4. Reducing Your Energy Bills

Automatic gates require electrical power to function, and poorly maintained gates consume more energy than well-maintained ones. Regular automatic gate servicing ensures that all parts are functioning as they should, so the gate doesn’t overwork, and you save energy bills in the long run.

5. Maintaining Your Gate’s Appearance

Your automatic gate is likely associated with the image of your property, and it’s important to keep it looking good. Regular maintenance, including gate cleaning, painting, and polishing will keep your gate looking good as new, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your property.


Q: When should I get my automatic gate serviced?

A: Automatic gates should be serviced periodically, a minimum once a year. However, if your gate is used extremely often, we recommend getting them serviced more frequently to ensure the overall performance and lifespan of the gate.

Q: What happens during an automatic gate servicing?

A: During automatic gate servicing, the maintenance professional will inspect, lubricate and adjust all components of the gate. They will check for signs of wear and tear and replace or repair any damaged parts as necessary.

Q: Can I service my automatic gate myself?

A: While some aspects of gate maintenance can be performed by homeowners, it’s always best to leave the complicated servicing to the professionals. DIY maintenance can worsen the situation or lead to accidents, and in severe cases, costly repairs.

Q: What should I do if my automatic gate isn’t working?

A: If your gate isn’t working, first check the power supply and ensure the remote control or keypad is operating correctly. If the problem persists, it’s best to call in a professional to identify and correct any issues.


Regular maintenance and servicing of your automatic gate are essential to keep it in the best condition and extend its lifespan. Regular servicing can also reduce costly repairs, help maintain your gate’s security and appearance, and save you money on your energy bills. Be diligent and get your gate serviced periodically, so you can enjoy its benefits for years to come.

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