The top wrought iron gate styles for Art Deco-style homes

Art Deco-style homes are known for their sleek lines, geometric shapes, and striking design elements. One way to enhance the exterior of an Art Deco-style home is by installing an ornate wrought iron gate. Wrought iron gates are a timeless feature that add not only decoration but also security and privacy to your property. Here, we will take a closer look at the top wrought iron gate styles for Art Deco-style homes.

1. Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau wrought iron gates are an excellent choice for homes that want to showcase a more organic and flowing design element. The designs of these gates tend to have more curves and asymmetrical lines than their Art Deco counterparts. Art Nouveau wrought iron gates also frequently incorporate scrolling vines, floral elements, and leafy patterns. This style gate complements the natural elements of an Art Deco-style home, making for an elegant and cohesive design.

2. Geometric

Geometric wrought iron gates are an ideal choice for an Art Deco-style home due to their angular and geometric designs. These gates typically feature square, rectangular, and triangular shapes. Most Geometric wrought iron gates use clean lines and sharp angles to create a striking and modern look, which can complement the geometric shapes common in Art Deco-style homes.

3. Classic

Classic wrought iron gates are the go-to style for many homeowners looking to add wrought iron gates to their Art Deco-style homes. These gates often feature intricate scrollwork or floral designed elements, which are reminiscent of the wrought iron gates frequently found in older homes. Classic wrought iron gates are timeless and their simplicity makes them a top pick for homeowners that want to add an elegant touch to their home.

4. Minimalist

With the clean lines characteristic of Art Deco, minimalist wrought iron gates are an excellent complement to the simplicity of the Art Deco style. These gates feature simple designs or patterns, usually with straight lines and little-to-no embellishments. Minimalist wrought iron gates tend to have fewer details, making them a suitable option for homes with a more modern design.

5. Futurism

Futuristic wrought iron gates are a good choice for homeowners looking for a unique and modern approach. The designs of these gates tend to have ultra-modern geometric shapes with futuristic elements that echo the Art Deco movement. Futuristic wrought iron gates fit perfectly with the Art Deco-style as they display the creativity, innovation, and modernism that are the hallmarks of Art Deco.

FAQs about wrought iron gates for Art Deco-style homes

Q: Is it safe to install a wrought iron gate?

Yes. Wrought iron gates are incredibly safe due to the strength of the metal. They also provide additional security for your property.

Q: Will my wrought iron gate rust?

Yes. Wrought iron gates are steel-based and can rust over time, but a high-quality finish can prevent rust from appearing. Regular maintenance, such as sanding and repainting, can also keep your gates looking fresh and rust-free.

Q: How much do wrought iron gates cost?

The price of a wrought iron gate can vary based on design and size, but expect to pay between $900 to $4,000 for a standard-sized gate.

Q: Is a wrought iron gate easy to maintain?

Yes. Regular oiling, repainting, and cleaning can keep your wrought iron gate looking new and functioning well. There are also specialized cleaning solutions that can help remove rust and tarnish from the gate’s surface.

Q: Will installing a wrought iron gate increase the value of my home?

Yes. A wrought iron gate adds not only visual appeal but also security, giving your home an added sense of value.


Wrought iron gates are a timeless feature that adds both security and decoration to any property. The top wrought iron gate styles for Art Deco-style homes are Art Nouveau, Geometric, Classic, Minimalist, and Futurism. Each style complements the Art Deco style with its unique design elements. Homeowners should consider the size, desired level of security and the design style of their home before purchasing a wrought iron gate that suits their needs best.

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