Wrought iron gates for historic homes: Tips and tricks

Wrought Iron Gates for Historic Homes: Tips and Tricks

Wrought iron gates have long been a symbol of elegance, grandeur, and prestige. It is because of their timeless appeal that they remain popular among historic property owners. They can add a touch of authenticity to any historic home, making it appear as if it has been around for centuries.

If you own a historic home, you will want to ensure that your wrought iron gate is up to the task. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the right gate for your property.

Consider the Style of Your Home

One thing you should consider before choosing wrought iron gates is the style of your historic home. The gate should be in harmony with the architectural style of your home. If your home is Victorian-style, you can opt for an ornate gate with intricate designs. However, if you have a more modest colonial-style home, go with a simpler gate.

Consider the Surrounding Landscape

The landscape surrounding your historic home can also influence the style of your wrought iron gate. You will want to consider your driveway, walkways, and other details of your landscaping when choosing a gate. For example, if you have a long, winding driveway, you may opt for a more imposing gate. Alternatively, if you have a small front yard, a simple gate may be better suited for the space.

Think About the Purpose of the Gate

What is the primary purpose of the wrought iron gate you are considering? Is it to control access to your property, enhance security, or simply increase the curb appeal of your home? Knowing the primary purpose of your gate will help you choose the right design and style.

Choose the Right Design and Materials

When choosing a wrought iron gate for your historic home, select a design that will complement your home’s architecture. For example, if your home has a Spanish-style façade, consider a wrought iron gate with a Spanish Colonial design.

Furthermore, you should choose the right materials for your gate. Wrought iron has a unique look and durability that make it perfect for historic homes. It is resistant to weather and rust, and it adds a decorative touch to your property.

Maintenance Is Key

Like any type of home improvement or renovation, maintenance is key when it comes to wrought iron gates. Make sure to check your gate’s hinges, bolts, and locks regularly. Also, if you notice any rust, have it removed immediately with a wire brush and apply some rust-resistant paint to prevent it from spreading.


Do I need a permit to install a wrought iron gate?

The answer to this question varies depending on where you live. In most cases, you will need a permit to install a fence or gate on your property. Check with your local zoning office to ensure that you are compliant with local regulations.

How much does a wrought iron gate cost?

The cost of a wrought iron gate varies depending on the size, style, and design. For a standard-sized gate, expect to pay at least $500. However, custom-made gates can run into several thousand dollars.

Do I need a professional to install my wrought iron gate?

Yes, it is recommended that you have a professional install your wrought iron gate. An experienced contractor can ensure that your gate is installed correctly and safely.


Wrought iron gates can add a touch of elegance to any historic home. By considering the design and purpose of your gate, as well as the landscape and architecture of your home, you can choose a wrought iron gate that will enhance the beauty of your property for years to come. Remember, proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your gate remains in excellent condition. Happy gate shopping!

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